Business Digitalisation

The biggest opportunity yet for manufacturers and distributors alike, digital transformation has risen to the top of organisational agendas.

Transformative new technologies are a chance for organisations to enhance innovation, reduce time to market, optimise the supply chain, and improve product quality and customer experiences. The wealth of data these technologies create and capture has the potential to produce valuable insights and new business models.

Many companies are discovering that while their ERP solutions were designed to fit their current business needs, they don’t have the capacity to successfully carry the organisation into the future. This is often because the solution does not have well-defined integration services and APIs that can extend beyond the enterprise to incorporate new digital technologies.


Key technologies:

Group 1120
Artificial Intelligence

AI and Predictive Analytics harness the power of algorithmic business, surfacing business trends across the value-chain.

Group 1290
Big Data

By harnessing big data with predictive analytics, provides a means of analysing data sets and drawing conclusions about them to enable strategically informed decisions.

Group 973

Enable your business to be more flexible, agile and competitive in a hyper-connected world, by leveraging increased system performance, scalability and digitalisation capabilities.

Group 1330
Internet of Things

Monitor activities and conditions and provide remotes control functions.