Custom Solutions

To win in today’s digital economy, businesses have to consistently provide high quality, low cost and exceptional service. Digital tools attuned to your exact needs may just be the breakthrough your organisation needs. We want to develop custom solutions that turn your vision into competitive advantage.


Ready to take the first step?

Our custom solutions involve the designing and building of software solutions to address unique needs of a specific set of users, functions or organisations. Meant to be efficient, scalable, with lower integration cost compared to commercial off-the-shelf software, it is commonly used to:

  • Support or automate unique business processes
  • Handle information and data specific to an industry
  • Facilitate integration with legacy applications and data
  • Enable new opportunities or improve competitive advantage

A strategic investment

Your digital strategy and organisational strategy should be tightly integrated. Your company’s strategy may change depending on your industry and competitive basis. As a general guideline, your investment will make sense if it helps to:



A strategic partnership

Cosmo Synergy has been delivering enterprise solutions for more than 25 years. We understand organisational/ business strategy and can help you translate your strategy into action.

Certified in APICS-CPIM and CSCP, we are equipped to apply industry and supply chain best practices. We have served customers in a range of manufacturing and distribution industries including food & beverage, electronics, plastics, automotive, chemicals, etc.

We believe in building the most effective solution in the simplest way. Our qualifications and experience will help you develop a solution that will meet both your current and future needs, ensuring that your business, as well as your extended supply chain can be highly efficient and/ or responsive to maintain a competitive edge.


Successful projects

  • Integration to IoT/ Industrial Automation
  • Mobile Inventory Data Collection
  • Shop Floor Management System
  • QA/QC System
  • DMS (distribution management system)
  • Integration to AS/RS WMS (warehouse management system)
  • Integration to web-based SFA
  • and many more…